Getting the Courage to Follow Your Dreams

When we are young we have such dreams, aspirations, and hopes for ourselves. However, for some reason as we get older things start to change. Our vision of what we are capable of accomplishing gets smaller and smaller. Maybe it's people in our ear telling us what we can and cannot do. Maybe it's seeing others try and fail. Maybe it's just the fear of us failing and showing the world that we aren't perfect and don't get everything right on the first try. Or, maybe it's a fear that we will succeed beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations, and we won't know what to do. It could be a mix of all, but whatever the reason is, it's still not a good enough reason not to follow your dreams. 

We are given one life (that we know of) the here and now. You don't want to die, knowing that you never gave it your all. Knowing that you never tried for all of these superficial reasons. It's scary, I know it's scary...but it's worth it. Imagine yourself living the life that you have always wanted to live. Now, I will tell you it does not come without handwork. "There are ZERO successful people that don't put in insane amounts of handwork" (Gary Vaynerchuk).

When you are working towards your goals it is important to know that you're not going to be a millionaire overnight, or you're not going to just magically be the best in the business immediately. BUT, it CAN happen...if it is a MUST for you. Meaning, it'll require you to put in late nights and early mornings. It'll mean that sometimes you can't go out. It'll mean that you're not binge-watching Netflix every night. It'll also mean that you're progressing, which according to Tony Robbins (and I totally agree) is the key to happiness. It'll mean that one day you will actually be living that life that you imagined. 

So start today, at this very moment. Clarify exactly what you want, go and write it down. Create a plan, and give yourself realistic timelines to accomplish them. Then build the knowledge needed, if you have to read books, go and read the books. If you need to watch podcasts or videos go and do it. If you need to connect with people in that field, go and find them! A mentor is one of the best resources that you can have, and it'll give you first-hand information on how they became successful, and how you can do the same. 


I believe in you, you need to believe in yourself...and also don't let laziness get in the way. Go out there and get what you want, show the world why you came here. 

Clarity+Knowledge=Power (Tony Robbins) 


-Cleris Sanchez

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